About Us

28 years of
working experience

Corporate Leadership Team

Maju corporate advisory is a team of industry experts and business strategists who thrive on challenging the accepted, asking the tough questions and solving the difficult problems. We specialize in turning your innovative ideas into success and identifying the most cost effective avenues for building your global business.Our clients gain a dynamic breadth and depth of business and technical expertise in

To help them identify their optimal markets and business opportunities.

Executive challenges we solved

Develop your annual budget

Develop your annual budget with a commitment to its net financial result—whether surplus or planned Then, complement your annual budget with rolling financial projections that incorporate your most current Information about probable future financial results.

Income Diversification

Diversify your income cautiously, ensuring you have the capacity to develop and sustain the programmatic and Operational requirements of attracting each new resource type well.

Make Cash Flow Priority

Develop cash flow projections along with the budget and rolling projections so that you can anticipate any Cash flow problems well in advance, when you have more options.

Don’t wish. Plan Them

Plan goals for financial reserves based on your typical cash flow cycles and risks and incorporate reserves Into all financial plans and policies. Be sure to foster a financial culture for staff and board that promotes the Importance of a regular operating profit or surplus.

Manage the right risk

Introduce the concept of enterprise risk management to your team and initiate an internal assessment of a full range of risks.

Best Practice and Decision Support

Ten years ago, we realized that the most pressing challenges facing business leaders everywhere had often already been addressed or were being solved by other executives. That remains true today and is at the core of our business. Maju Corporate offers more than 50 different memberships aligned to functional and key industry leadership roles.Our membership model is designed to deliver insights, tools, and advice that lead to transformative outcomes for your team and your company.

Leadership Councils

At the core of our membership programs are Leadership Councils through which we convene and provide support for decision makers in:

Doing more with less

Consider what your objective is “Here’s our situation and Here’s our solutions “this is what our strategy, How can we achieve our goals so effectively.Todays a highly experienced management is the key skill for business growth. Maju Corporate have self-motivated and keen to learned members, focused on how can we achieve the goals with this strategy and be as satisfying to our customer as we possibly can. As Hayati explain in so many ways, it’s the very first and most important thing.In order to get more done you actually have to do less things but – VERY IMPORTANT – THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

Force of Ideas

We believe that great ideas—acute insights rooted in microeconomics and informed by human behaviour—are essential to those accomplishments that change the fortunes of an individual, an organization, or the world. We discover and create these ideas and enable members and colleagues to act on them by delivering them in timely, targeted, and memorable ways.We forge relationships with our members and with each other that go beyond the merely commercial. Our businesses centre on generous exchange, both between professional peers and between our staff and our members. We derive honest joy from the opportunity to serve our members, our colleagues, and our communities.

Tools & Solutions

Our Tools & Solutions leverage subject-matter expertise, data assets, and analytic methodologies to produce technologies and customized tools for enhancing and transforming business operations. These offerings focus on the practical, actionable applications of analytics and planning, and best-practice implementation.