Developing Your Strategy

Foundation for the Discussion

A strategy portfolio is a coherent set of options that address new capabilities and new potential markets. This enables tactical opportunism within the company’s long-term mission. Developing your strategy portfolio is an essential step in your company’s strategic road mapping process. It ensures that all product strategies and marketing strategies are aligned with the company’s mission and that the company remains (or becomes) nimble. There are differing definitions for strategy and planning. Traditionally,formal strategy and planning implies setting positions, targets, and measures.

What is the importance of a strategy portfolio?

It is the basis for operating the agile business. It lets you re position your company more quickly than the competition. It helps you uncover hidden capabilities and market-knowledge constraints. It includes establishing processes to minimize the cost of creating and maintaining the portfolio. It provides a means of optimizing the company strategy faster and easier. An important part of this optimization is considering alternative capabilities that could profitably meet customer needs and considering or identifying future markets or new customer behaviors.



Company Secretarial Services

Profit / Income Growth Strategy

Pre Tax profit Margin

There are many example of companies with outstanding growth in sales butt less then outstanding gains in earnings. High annual growth is good, but eps has not increase proportionately,it’s likely due to decrease in profit margin. By comparing a company present profit margins to its past margins and its competitor’s profit margin, a growth investor is able to gauge fairly accurately whether or not management is controlling cost and revenues and maintaining margins.

Can Management operate the Business Efficiently?

Efficiency can be quantified by using Return on Equity. Efficient use of asset should be reflected in a stable or increasing ROE. Again analysis of this metric should be relative a company present ROE is best compared to the Five year average ROE of the company and industry

Industry competitor analysis

Internal financials are combined with an external market focus to produce hybrid decision support models. Reality-based scorecards on criteria such as market attractiveness,product strength,strategic fit and risk provide an essential cross-check for financial projections and aspirations. Graphical portfolio simulations show evolution over time,and enable alternative product-market strategies to be assessed and optimized. Strategic business units operating in different markets are objectively compared in terms of value creation potential,risk and fit – not just financials. The implications and trade-offs of resource allocation choices are highlighted,leading to enhanced target setting and better overall portfolio balance and integration. Imagine a rich and multi-layered interactive picture of all the main segments and dimensions in your industry,showing all key competitor’s positions. Underpinned by rigorous external analysis. Such as market attractiveness profiles and critical success factor analysis–ICPM takes competitor pre-emption,new business development and global category management to a new level of capability.

Ready Companies


Company incorporate

Product profile & life cycle Management

Product Life cycle discipline plays a strong underlying role in customer support. Because all products move through life cycle phases as they age,Customers will benefit from having a clear understanding of product life cycle phases,which have a direct relationship to the support ability of each product. As a Customer FIRST member,you will receive Life cycle Management Services to help you identify and manage the key life cycle stages of your assets to avoid obsolescence. Consistent guidelines for product support,compatibility, availability

Manage Business performances

The Center for Business Performance is the home of strategy execution. We have spent the last 10 years,Developing,testing and applying tools and techniques to help organisations manage their performance and execute their strategy. At the heart of the center is a community of practice embracing faculty, doctoral candidates, and executive master’s students, visiting fellows and practitioners from our round tables. Our interaction with practice informs our research providing actionable insight and unique approaches to management. Business performance management consists of a set of management and analytic processes,supported by technology, That enable businesses to define strategic goals and then measure and manage performance against those goals. Core business performance management processes include financial planning, operational planning, business modelling,Consolidation and reporting,analysis,and monitoring of key performance indicators linked to strategy. Various frameworks for implementing business performance management exist. The discipline gives companies a top-down framework by which to align planning and execution,strategy and tactics,and business-unit and enterprise objectives. Reactions may include the Six Sigma strategy,balanced scorecard, activity-based costing (ABC),Total Quality Management, economic value-add, integrated strategic measurement and Theory of Constraints.

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