Ready Companies / Shelf Companies

What is Ready Made Shelf Company?

We have registered these companies for resale purposes, thus we ensure and guarantee that these companies are clean and ready. Shelf companies are made available for those who need a company in very short period (24 hours!). All Shelf Companies (shell companies) are Borang 9 ready, dormant, without any bank account and have never commenced any business activities before, therefore all do not have any liabilities The Advantages of Buying A Shelf Company:

We have a long list of ready-made shelf companies (more than 150-200) for your convenience and selection. What are inside of Ready Made Shelf Companies?

  1. All these Shelf Companies are already registered with SSM (authorised capital of RM100,000 and paid-up capital of RM2)
  2. The Shelf Companies are registered for “General Trading” and can do all types of businesses as long as it is does not contravene the laws or other regulations. However, certain types of businesses required approvals, licenses or permits from the relevant government authorities or agencies.
  3. All Ready Made Shelf Companies are dormant, without any bank account and have never commenced any business activities before, thus do not have any liabilities.
  4. All these Shelf Companies are available anytime and immediately. You will be the legal owner of the shelf company within 24 hours after you have signed & executed all documents and you do not need to go through the whole new company registration process, of which will normally take about 10-11 working days.
  5. After the receipt/clearance of payment, your choice of Ready Made Shelf Company will be legally yours within 24 hours.

What do we need from you?

  • Photocopy of Malaysian Identity Card (IC)
  • Choose from our long list of Ready Made Shelf Companies which would best suit your type of business operations.
  • Signatures of the New Directors & Shareholders on the relevant Forms and Board Resolutions

For Company established in the year 2012 for sale together with the audited accounts and annual returns for the year 2013.