Whole Sale Retail Trading License

Whole Sale Retail Trading License

MAJU Corporate advisory provide complete services to all foreigners in application of Wholesale Retail WRT license in Malaysia. WRT is a business license is applicable to foreign’s owned (Non Resident) company only. A non-resident status company describe of the total share ownership of the company with more than 50 % owned by foreigners.

Our complete services include putting the right profiling for your nature of business, business plan, as well getting the correct company documentation. The whole sale retail trade WRT license in Malaysia can be tedious, as it may involves other governmental department such as the local town council. WRT license approving authority is the Ministry of Trade and Consumerism of Malaysia.

Purpose of Wholesale Retail Trade WRT License:

The purpose of Wholesale Retail Trade WRT license in Malaysia issued by Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumerism is to.

Types of Wholesale Retail Trade WRT license:

  • There are four types of WRT licenses, approval is renewable every 2 years and the category eligible to apply for the following businesses to operate in Malaysia:

    1. Retail, Trading (Import & Export), Distributive Trades
    2. Restaurant
    3. Franchise Business

    Services and Consultancy

How to Apply:

The WRT  license approval is required by all the above-mentioned sectors by foreigners before they can apply for their work visa (DP10) for any expatriates (directors or shareholders or employees) in the Immigration Department. The minimum company paid up capital requirement for all categories of WRT License application is RM 1 Million, with company full set-up with valid tenancy agreement and phone line. For newly Setup Company, you may be able to submit with business plan and investment plan in Malaysia required.

Consult us Today on your company`s qualification for applying the Wholesale Retail Trade (WRT) License.